what a joke! I haven't been late in 7 years and all of a sudden my rate shoots up 3 points and I lost my job at the same time.

They told me that "they can not work with me until i'm late. so,, I finally go late and i talk to them and they send me through the "let me transfer you to this department". This department *** is so bogus. they did nothing to try to work with me.

now i'm late and going to loose the house. and since my lates , my wife and i both got new jobs that pay even more. never had a late before they won't work with us at all. 1 bad year out of 7 ruins my whole life.

cant buy with *** credit thanks to them. THEY ARE AN AWFULL COMPANY!

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my name is judy fletcher i live in greensboro, nc.

i feel your pain, i know first hand because i am a victim of homecomings slimmy tactics. i went to every agency in this state to get help to no avail. so i filed a pro se lawsuit against them. PLEASE KEEP ALL OF YOUR RECORD!!! with every fiber in me, i'll keep fighting until i get justice and the thousands of dollars they took from me and help anyone else that i can.

i can be reached at yesucan2010@gmail.com



I experianced the same thing!I was charged $1900, for taxes twice in 5 months due to my taxes going up. I went to my city and they said my taxed did not go up and that I do not owe anything.

Indy mac said they can not help me because" I have never been late and have great credit. They can't help you if you have great credit nor bad credit so who can they help?


I too was never late, saw the writing on the wall and was told no help. I then began falling behind.

Called again and told I needed to be 90 days behind before they could help. Now I am headed for foreclosure!!!These people did get bail out money, our money.

GMAC received 5 billion in bailout money. Homecomings is awwful!!!


Always on time, never late. I saw the economic disaster coming and I asked them to help me. Her exact words were " we will only help you if you are two payments late ".


I'm in the same situation as you and they did the exact same thing. I haven't been late in 8 years.

I'm looking to another source and will never go back to them.

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