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We found a house for sale with the "owner" or record as of 1/1/08 being "Homecoming Financial." Apparently they are also working with a parent company in TX. First thing they say is they won't take a VA loan!

Uh, it's ILLEGAL not to! So then they say TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. But it takes a month of back-and-forth nitpicking before we sign an offer. Then another month back-and-forth with them trying to pull 10 tricks before closing.

Now that we closed 8/12, we find our house listed to be auctioned on 9/12! WTF?? Just wait til I get my hands on my phone Monday morning. If they screw me out of my house, I will sue them into the ground!

If I want any more S H I T out of them I will squeez their heads!

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