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We have Homecomings and they just adjusted our rate to 9.25%!!!!! We are one of those Americans who got duped into a crappy loan. 2 yr. pre-payment penalty, interest only and adjustable (which I didn't even know until the letter came in the mail!)

So, needless to say when we called Homecomings to see if they could help us in any way with our loan (which we were already having trouble paying) They told us "there was nothing they could do for us at this time" "not until we get our situation better" Well, if our situation was better we wouldn't need their help, right?!

So, now we face foreclosure with no where to live and my little daughter will have to leave the only home she knows. It makes me sick to think how the people who are down and out the most get screwed the worst!

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I had 3 years to refinance into a better loan. The problem is....

I lost my job due to "restructuring" with Nuvox. While out of work and trying to find a job, I had a heart attack. I wasn't able to find work and ended up working at Bi-Lo making a little more than min. wage.

Homecomings LIED to me saying that they were working with me and allowing partial payments until I could get back on my feet. At Christmas their lawyers sent me a letter with intent to Foreclose! I had no health insurance when I had the heart attack and had to file bankruptcy in order to save my house! Now I'm facing the prospect of losing my job due to the economy and my interest rate is going up to over 12% in December.

I can barely afford the house payment now plus bankruptcy payments. My ex just lost his job and I don't even know IF I will be getting my child support!


I live in Indiana and have lost my job due to the RV industry closing its doors. I call homecomings on my 2nd mortgage and asked for help because my interest rate is 10.9 So asking to get it lowered really wasn't asking for to much.

Since the federal reserve has lowered rates. I asked for assistance and their answer to me was we are not late so they can't help me. Which fine by me at this point i don't give a *** and will file on them The funny thing is they are only the 2nd mortgage so my 1st will get pd and they will get nothing since it was a 125% loan all because they didn't want to help. So thats about 60k they will lose.

Not my problem now. Guess when people call for help they should consider helping them

Spring House, Pennsylvania, United States #29327

I was in a similiar situation with Homecomings. The first time I contacted them I was not yet late on any payments but I knew it would be soon and wanted to work something out with them before that happened.

Their first answer was, "you are not in default yet, there is nothing we can do for you".

So months later things got worse so I called for help again. Their answer this time was "send us what you can and in the mean time we will look at what we can do". No answer from them for a few weeks. I call again and get the same answer "send us a payment and we can work with you".

Obviously they did nothing to help us and we moved out as the forclosure date was comming. One week before the auction I get a letter in the mail telling me they have new options and want to work something with me.

LOL, how am I supposed to do that after I move out, have a lease for 16 months. That was the worst year of my life, and they have the nerve to try to work with me now!!

Big Sur, California, United States #25005

I agree with the first comment. You should read the documents before you sign them.

I also had one of those crappy loans, but I read the documents and knew what I was doing. I had no problem refinancing into a fixed rate loan after 2 years.

Markleville, Indiana, United States #21454

Read the *** document before you sign it. You people are morons.

It's only the single largest purchase you'll ever make and you don't know it's terms?

You deserve to be foreclosed on. They should stamp

TENANT on your forehead because that's all you're worthy of.

Dale, Texas, United States #19552

i can relate to your situation, i'm a victim as well of their predatory, unethical behavior. now, i'm their worst nightmare!

i'm fighting back.

i went to the law library, internet and did extensive research on the real estate laws and i single handly filed a lawsuit. if i can be of any assistance, feel free to contact me at

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