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I had a mortgage through Homecomings financial, which offered me a loan modification, then sold my mortgage to MGC, which did not send statements, or give me any information about my loan. It was finally sent to an attorney threatening me with accelerating my loan, and foreclosing. I talked to the loss mitigation department, who claimed he would look into this matter,and get to the bottom of it, and I told him that if we could not reach an agreement, I would pursue legal action. He never called me back about the matter, but two weeks later, I received notice that they (MGC) sold the servicing of my loan to GMAC. I thought that now I have a legitimate company handling my mortgage, but I was wrong. I have sent it my payment as per the modification, but my check was recently sent back to me, saying not to redeposit, and only full payment would be accepted, and now they would pursue foreclosing of my property. I have counsel advising me on actions to take, and now I need all of you. Those of you that refuse to be "strong armed, and threatened", need to contact me, for we need to band together, and file a class action law suit in federal court. They picked the wrong person to mess with, now its time to take a stand.

If you have a similar problem with either of these companies, please contact me at I look forward to hearing your problems, and joining together.


Monetary Loss: $70.

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hi all, my name is judy fletcher i live in greensboro, nc.

i feel your pain, i know first hand because i am a victim of homecomings slimmy tactics. i went to every agency in this state to get help to no avail. so i filed a pro se lawsuit against them. this slimmy co violated my rights and i will fight with every fiber in me until justice is prevailed even if i have to go to washington by myself, i will not give up until i'm heard!




I am current on my payments(we have a second mortgage with them)but was laid off at the end of Jan. and was hoping they would try and work with us but they are only interested in foreclosing on our loan.

We have had many problems with them in the past and it always seems that we owe them the same amount even after many years of payments..

I don't know how we will ever pay them off.. I will have my first mortgage paid off before them..


I have been in my new home since 2001.homecomings recently sent a notice that they sold my account to my payments are going up to 908.00 per huband passed away in 2006 and it has been tough making payments (which are current)they will have to fight me to get me out of my home!I'm a 36 year old widow and and i need some answers on what i should do about my loan modifcation Sign or not to sign!!!


I'm right there with you! You can contact me at Still_Memories ( the at sign ) (live) (dot)(com) I wrote mine contact info like you did incase it didn't go through either.

I tried, and tried, to work a plac with gmac, and yes they do have all these other sister companies. It's a big scam to steal your nice house. I was given the run around, promised a modification, i have to fil out a form, return it and that would be how the determine my new payment.

papers never came, I kept calling, different people, departmenrs, tranfereed here and there, given different stories. I tried to make a payment and asked if we coule just see how I do over the next few months hopefully longer. They told me they could not take a payment until the new payments plan was in place, I kept telling them I was afraid of foreclosure because you keep telling me not to worry the forms are on mailed out, I even borrowed money from a friend called loss and mitigation for the hundreth time, of course she's rude, (either you get a representative that had no clue what's going on and will keep putting you on hole, coming back online, again no clue, so you get tranfered to another country and they dont have any idea whats going on, because every dept. I try going over my issue with is always the wrong dept. Its circles and circles of nonsense.

I finally get a letter after like 3 months of the run around, but it isnt the form I needed, It was a letter stating that they got information that my home is unoccupied (how they heard that is a mystery to me because I always lived there with my son and husband) so they placed their own home owners insurance and I would have to pay for it since mine didnt cover a nonoccupied home.

One day a couple came to my house, I opened the door and they said they own my home they just purchased it in from of the court house, then handed me a letter telling to leave within three days, I said, I dont think so, if you just paid money for my home then you really need to get some help from an attorney or something because I never receieved one document that I was going to get forclosed on, or my house was going to be sold. There's a mistake I told them I was working a payment plan, ill tell you the rest later it gets even more wierd.

If you can please contact asap I would really appreciate it!!!

Saint Matthews, Kentucky, United States #54822

I don't know why a section of my repost is missing, but here it is:

Record all calls with these companies. I bought a recorder, able to record from cell or cordless phones, from radio shack. It uses a sd card, so your conversations can be transfered to disc for safe keeping. I am also having them transcribed to text for legal action. It is amazing how many times you will get different answers and excuses from them. It is legal to do this, if you notify them of your recording the call. In the beginning of your conversation, let them know that you are recording this call for "quality assurance", and this unit has the intermittant beep during the recording as required. If both parties are made aware of the recording, it is admissable in court. I have sent all correspondance to them via certified mail, with a zeroxed copy of the information sent to them. I copy all checks, both front and back.

I was told that they will deny talking to you, and receiving info, so this will verify all transactions, no matter how trivial they may seem.

Email me directly at mortgagescams(then the little at sign) gmail(then the little dot and com) (seems *** to right it this way, but it doesn,t seem to appear when I write it outright.)

I will give anyone of you help if I can. this is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. And if I get mine resolved, I will still help and will sue. My friend is getting me names of good class action attourney (long day and can't spell worth a ***)

Saint Matthews, Kentucky, United States #54820

I am the poster of the original complaint and want to update everyone of the information that I have uncovered. I have Found that my mortgage can be tracked on an electronic file, showing who truly holds my note, and it shows that Homecommings financial, still is the holder, after they sent me documentation showing the sale of my note to MGC. I have also found that MGC, Homecommings, and GMAC, are all the same company. I have recorded conversations where GMAC representitive has actually admitted that a MGC rep works out of GMAC's office. I sent in my payments per the modification agreement, and they were sent back to me, due to not paying in full. I have at this time, been delivered court papers with their intention to foreclose. I refuse to take this, I have documented improprieties from all of the three companies.

I am fighting to the finish, and will not turn over my property. I have contacted the Lutheran Housing Group for assistance. I received info from my local county, and confirmed with my mother in Kentucky, that they have the same program. It is the 211 program, where the county will give you refferals of agencies that will help at no cost. I was going to contact the HopeNow organization, but they are NO GOOD! They are just into high pressure sales, and offered me "finders fees" if I sent you people too them. Their service is $1800.00 to start, and was told they may have helped about 25 families in our situation. I am with the Lutheren Housing Group now and in Ohio, the courts order that mediation be made available to homeowners, to help us with options.

I am going to tell you exactly what I am doing, and want you to be able to get out of it as much as possible.

First and foremost, if you are in status of delinquent or in foreclosure, contact you county for info on foreclosure programs, even try calling 211 from your phoned, to help any of you, and will be filing a class action suit against these companies. I can't see how a judge or jury can possibly side with these corrupt bastards. I have made this a personal fight, and will not give up untill companies like this are held accountable.

I will just love to get congress to stop GMAC's bailout assistance.


I am going through the same thing. i was told I haven't make a mortgage payment since January 2009.

When I called the company they verified I was current on my payments. But I still received the pre-forclosure letter. I am tired of this mess. My family and I are trying to make ends meet.

I have two family members laid off their jobs. My husband whom is the main bread winner, this job is not secure.


I am also very interested in the class action suit against them. My mortgage payments are current and they keep saying different months payments were missed.

Not true, I have faxed them proof from my bank. They sent someone out to my home today, the man took pictures and said we are behind, what are you going to do? He was rude.

They are trying to get me to default on my loan so they can forclose or get stats to be bailed out by the Govt. They call 2-3 times a day harrassing me.

Saint Matthews, Kentucky, United States #52598

I am glad to see the support and interest in pursuing this matter and giving it right back to these companies. I do request that you email me direct at, because it is hard for me to locate all the comments, and questions on the complaint board. I am sorry to see that you are in this situation, but together, we can do something.


i am interested on the class action towards mgc. They have had me on the run around on my mortgage.

and have threatened to forcloser my home.

when i also have made many tempts to pay. so if u got any ideas that would just be great..

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