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I called Homecomings Financial and talked with their representative. I had spent a lengthy time on the phone, over 45 minutes and it was to not avail.

He kept repeating the same company line over and over. I was asking for a lowering of my payment or interest rate which is 11% which seem impossible for them to do. I asked to be referred to his supervisor. I spent another 45 minutes of fruitless conversation with the rep who didn't understand the definition of negotiates.

She was no help and basically stated that if had my finances in order and didn't need to lower my rate or payment then I could have my rate lowered or payment reduced.

I then spent another 15 minutes asking to make a complaint which also seem difficult for her to manage. This is a real badly managed company with very poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $48.

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I aslo have a loan with HF. They are the worst company I have ever seen.

The only way you will be able to get a different interest rate will be to fall behind by 2 payments.

Then from what I'm reading on this site, you have to be careful that they don't foreclose on your property. I did the modification on my loan and it took forever. Turned our budget into the modification office, talked with a very

nice woman. Month after month went by and we heard nothing.

Finally in Sept. I called them back and guess what...they can't find any of the paper work and wanted us to fill it all out again. I refused to do this and went from one person to another going over the same story till someone higher up got on the line and gave me phone numbers to get in touch with him and to actually look into this matter. I got a letter 2 weeks later and guess what...they found the paper work and we went forward w/the modification.

In December of 08 we got the papers for our approved modification. It dropped our monthly loan by $200.00. Their should be a law against the way they and all other financial companies do business. Selling loans w/out contacting the home owner for one.

Too many people are losing there homes for no reason.

This is the industry that has our ecom. in the fix it is in.


this company after several talks repeatedly told me that when i make more money to give them a call about a possible modification. they suck

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