Homecomings Financial - Need help to keep my home no where else to go

Sidney, Nebraska 3 comments

i tried to get help from homecomings financial and was denied, now i an told i have to pay 4000, a month for 6 months to get caught up becauce now i am 9 months behind!!!!!!!!!!! when i started this process i was only 4 or 5 months behind, I also found some descepincies in my account that they did pay someone eles taxes besides mine.

i better get help of i am going live with this info and i will be callin a lawyer and talking to the press this is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!i have proof. please help me.jacqueline gingras .

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Monetary Loss: $5581.



If you have been placed in foreclosure by GMAC between Jan 1 2009 thru Dec 31 2010 call 1-888-764-8867 Independent Foreclosure Review. Also go to www.IndependentForeclosureReview.com.

They will see if you qualify for a FREE program. If an error is found you can receive compensation or stopping foreclosure. Please pass info on if you know anyone as there are other companies being reviewed. I called today.

Check out their site. Good luck and I am still looking for justice from Homecomings and GMAC scam.

GMAC is going into bankrupty. So I guess I need to fasten my seatbelt for another bumpy ride.


My son financed,in 03/2002, his first home. The following year there was a divorce and foreclosure.

In Nov. 2011, a garnishment was placed against his paycheck, from HomeComings.

I don't think this is legal or right. Any advice?


i know exactly what u r going thru, they did the same thing 2 me. i couldn't get any help anywhere.

i filed my own lawsuit pro-se. my recommendation, KEEP GOOD RECORDS AND SUE THEM. THEY NEED 2 BE STOPPED.


Homecomings Financial - Slap in My Face

Burlington, Vermont 2 comments
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I purchased a home in 2008. They told me I had to get a 80/20 loan and that I can refinance in 2 years.

Well, First time home buyer and I nor my husband knew anything about houses. But the 2nd year came around and we tried to refinance because the rate was going up. They would not refinance me. I ended up loosing my house and husband.

I lost everything I owned. Well, I moved back to Mississippi and tried to get my credit straight. Why did homecoming financial wrote off the second loan and keep the first loan. I feel like that is a slap in my face.

When they could have just a well refinanced the house, and I still could have kept my home.

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Monetary Loss: $89.



I been in my house sincwelle 2006. My mortgage was also 80/20 Well to make a long story short, me and my wife have experience nothing but bad customer service every since gmac m ortgage took over my account.

I ask them to change my arm rate to a fix. But instead of helping us we got more grief from there loan dept. and customer seevice reps.

This company do not give a *** if a homeowners keep their homes or not. Its all about greed and i wish the parties involved were to go to maximum federal prison and have a boyfriend to punk them.


We have your very same story. Except we made it through without a divorce.

My husband worked almost 80 hours a week for the first two years of our home loan just to get thru the the refi window. Then the mortgage went up (adjustable rate) Our loan modification process was a nightmare, got approved but it was too late.

We ended up in foreclosure anyway. Every body comments on getting a class action suit together but where are the lawyers?

Homecomings Financial - Homecomings plays games

Virginia Beach, Virginia 6 comments
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We have been trying for 3 months to get a loan modification. We sent in the package with all the documents they requested.

We heard nothing. I called was was transferred from customer service to loan modification department. I was told that they have not notes they even received the pacakage. So I faxed it again.

I called 21 days later, again, told by some other person on the phone that they did not have it. I faxed it again. I called a week later, they said they had it but there was a note that they were missing proof of income. I told them it was in the package and to look again.

THey said they would look and call back. NO one called back, so I called again thenext day. Different person said all docs there and we were good to go, now they would be sending it to a Justin Anderson to handle form here on out-however, they would not give me his extention, said they would e-mail him and have him call us. Waited a week, no call from Justin, called in again, was told now there was a note from justin saying he need proof of spouse unemplyment.

I asked why he never called us to ask for it and was told he will never call us until he is ready and until then I have to call in repeatedly and check with them to see if he had put new notes on the system. When I asked to speak to a manager I was told that it was not a manager issue and they would not let me speak to one. When I got upset and demanded a manager, they hung up on me.

I called back, pissed off now, and asked for a manager, person I spoke to said they did not not know "what my problem was" and hung up on me. I called again, now really p0issed, again asked for a manager, was told they could not send me to one and told me to cool off and call back later-they hung up on me again.

Homecomings does not want to do loss mitigation, they want to frustrate you so that you just give up/

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #909862

I brought my house in 2006 and I went threw a lot with homecoming financial and GMC mortgage I tried to do everything to keep my house from paying the money they said that I owed to them saying they didn't receive money that was western union to them to them selling my house with me still living there. Also took a year or more to get a loan modification only them to say they didn't receive the paperwork several times after all that time and fighting for my home they foreclose on my house July 2013 which left me homeless.




Lost my home to them and they would not let another company that i applied for buy the home because they more the home than it was worth.They are one sorry company and i hope they go out of buisness. :(


The same exact thing happened to me. I am waiting for a class action lawsuit against them.

Ruined my credit and added $4000.00 to my principal. My payment is now more than it was before the modification mess.

What a joke. I hope everyone in their loss mitigation department loses their jobs and ends up in the same boat and they get screwed over.


I feel your pain! I've applied for this so called loan modification twice now.

Sending in all the documents 4 different times. They some how come up with a reason NOT to approve us for it though. Always some LAME excuse. These people are a scam!

I've never heard of a mortgage company so bad in my life.

I cannot wait to get away from these people. They've made our lives ***!


this is the same *** they did to me. i feel your pain and frustration. it's horrible how this company can get away with all the illegal acts that they committ.

you must contact the atty general for you state, local senators, dept of housing and if all fails, file a lawsuit against them.


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Homecomings Financial - Liar liar pants on fire

Longview, Texas 1 comment
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I sent in payment for 5 years .Everything goes alright and boom all of a sudden they say that they didn't get a payment that I know I sent one in . this to get more money for them and for me it is to tell all my friend never to use this company. Not only did they do me like this but another friend who live about a block away from me also.We the consumers are already stuuggling just to make end meet and for someone who is in position to do something like this is a sin unto God .AND HE WILL REPAY.

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Monetary Loss: $329.




Homecomings Financial - Homecomings plays game with peoples life

Houston, Texas 2 comments

I started my modification with homecomings last febuary.first, they told me that i should give them four to six wks.I called them around april to know the status of the modification, first, the guy told me that they did not received it, after i told him that i have return receipt that shows that somebody from homecomings signed for it, he put me on hold and after couple of minutes, he came back and said that they only missing hardship letter.I faxed them hardship letter sameday and even mailed copies of the packages allover. To cut the story short, i have send seven more packages to homecomings,the answer you get dspends on who answerd the phone. they keep saying different stuff.

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Old Kent Road, England, United Kingdom #203335

i sent in eight packages and some how they would always lose something the day or two before time alotted then new package pow lost something emse then they quit taking payments and pow foreclosure but not h/c GMAC its western finicial WHAT yeah thats what i say not to mention i have paid in 11 years 140000.00 on what they claim is a 92000.00 note I SMELL STINKY FISH!!!!!

Thanks Terri J


write a letter (similiar to this complaint) to the department of fair housing (hud) and the atty general expressing your concerns/issues that you are having with homecomings, also, include a copy of the documents you sent/fax to homecomings and the return receipt verifying they rec'd documents.

Homecomings Financial - Homecoming Financial they are the worst ever

Katy, Texas 6 comments
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I am at 7.50% and never missed a payment on my home. I submitted my paperwork for a note modification in March.

Everytime I call they say that they did not get my paperwork after being transferred 4 or 5 times. I have had loss of income, I have a 75% ltv and I was told since I was not in foreclosure that they could not help me.

No one knows what they are talking about and they cannot ever give you an answer.

What am I suppose to do? Meanwhile I sit in limbo without answers from them



This is the worst mortgage company I've ever heard of in MY life. I had NO idea so many homeowners had this many difficulties with this company! What can we do???

Magny-Les-Hameaux, Ile-De-France, France #77206

I am going through the samthing with this company everytime I speak with someone they tell me that they don't have my paper work and I keep sending it over and over and I am not getting any response from them. This is my first house and I am at a lost.


i feel your pain. if you faxed and have a confirmation number that the fax was completed and if you mailed it (certified, i hope).

write a letter the the dept of housing in washington, dc and let them know exactly was this company is doing to consumers. good luck!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #71217

Homecoming financial sold my home while in modification review and payment agreement.

is this legal? Homecoming says they sent agreement i never signed, but i never recieved it , but they did recieve my payment isn't that a binding contract even though i never recieved paper work?

someone made a mistake, now they say its my fault.

cause i never returned signed agreement, i never recieved, and i called and called and they gave me the run around. to many departments that don't communicate is the problem I need them to give me my home back.


that's exactly what they are doing, stringing you along. i'm a victim of this horrible mortgage company as well.

my suggestion to you....sue them like i'm doing. good luck


Same here. I submitted my paperwork in APRIL!!!!

And they have told me over and over again that they never received my paperwork, even though I have faxed it three times and mailed it once. I think they want to string us along long enough for us to miss a payment so they can foreclose.

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Homecomings Financial - Would not work withus on a loan modification

Morehead, Kentucky 1 comment

will where to began they wouldnt talk me about the account 2 years ago and again they have filed forclosure papers and I called them and now they can't find the paper giving me promision to my husbands account to dicuss the loan modification wih them this is the same *** that they did the last time and say you need to set up a repayment plan to delay forclosure and that isn't what we sent the papers for in the first place we sent the papers for a loan modification work out the obamo gave to the goverment for people that are bahind on payments and to stop from losing their homes to these mortage companys and all that they can say it that we need to set up a work out package with them to stop this going on I think that they are the worst c ompany that I have ever heard of a have had to work with in the last 5 years that we have had this house that all

Review about: My House.



i feel your pain, they did the same thing to me. my recommendation to you is don't call them, send a certified letter expressing your concerns/issues, send a copy to dept of housing urban development (hud), atty general office.

we have rights and laws that protect us and if all fails, file a lawsuit.

i have a case pending in district court now. good luck!

Homecomings Financial - Horrible Customer Service

Pearland, Texas 2 comments

I had questions regarding the loan modification program THEY signed me up for and I could never get a customer service represenative that could help. I kept getting transferred and transferred and then the phone would hang up.

When I asked for a supervisor or manager, I am told they were busy or on the phone. When I insisted to hold, the represenative came back to the phone and said someone will have to call me back. I never recieved a call back. The loan modification program Homecomings approved me for was not the Obama's approved program.

The loan modification I was approved for was a program Homecomings made up for the benefit of themselves and they tried to hurry the process alone before they were forced to offer the Obama's plan.

I submitted my information for the Obama's plan and now my loan is being processed. Be careful of Homecomings Financial and always ask for everything in writing.





sue them immediately!!!

Homecomings Financial - Homecomings a big rip off.....

Richmond, Virginia 1 comment
Not resolved

I agree 100% on the class action suit against Homecomings Financial..I have been dealing with them for months and have gotten no where...You are put on hold for ever and then no one ever takes the call...They are impossible and I also think just

a bunch of crooks that need to be stopped at their game...I have a 13% loan that has raked me over the coals and drained me dry.. I have begged and begged for some kind of help and get nothing..I am owning more on my house than it is worth so if they foreclose on me they will never get their money back so why not try to come to some kind of

understanding....It does not make sense.....Mary Primm...

Review about: Loan.

Monetary Loss: $63000.



I totally agree we have been working with homecomings for two years to lower our interest rates or have some kind of help because our income was cut by a third due to unforseen medical conditions but they didn't care about that they just want their money. they also got us into a loan that had a three year pay off penalty which is illegal in the state of washington. this company sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homecomings Financial

Cincinnati, Ohio 0 comments

I was working with someone from homecoming to see if I qualfiy for the home modification program that President Obama started and that was in Feb but they told me to wait until April and I call the company back today to find out after sending all the paper work that I can't received the help and the only reason is because I have less hour at work until things get better, and now I might lose my home they. so what I'm going to do is send them my money that I do have and still hope I can get some help because they keep going up on my mortgage and I don't what to get in the same trouble again because they do not try to help you.

So can someone tell me what I need to do , I really need to get some help. email me at mrspowell45225@yahoo.com

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